9/11 false flag




Recently on Battle of New Orleans Radio Show, with Goyim in studio, I discussed Infowars reporter Richard Reeves questioning Jeb Bush if he’d like to see the 28 secret pages of the 9/11 report. (Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 2001).  To which, Jeb Bush replied, “Yea, yea, sure I’d like to see them. You got em, do you have them?”, before hurriedly scuttling away!  I wonder if Bush thought someone had leaked the secret pages to infowars, lol.  Watch the encounter with Jeb Bush in the video below.

I then brought up an interview Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC-3) did about how he introduced House Resolution 14 on January 6th, 2015.  H.R. 14 urges the President to release the pages to the public.  Rep. Jones was instructing listeners to visit 28pages.org, where legislative information is given about H.R. 14 and how people can get involved by writing to their Congressmen, using a pre-written, ready to print letter, asking them to sponsor the bill.  The letter asks the Congressmen for a reply with answers to 2 questions. The first question is, “Have you read the 28 pages?”.  The second is, “If not, have you formally requested permission from the House Intelligence Committee to do so?

The letter goes on to say, “It’s important to me that you read the 28 pages, because it’s impossible for you to reach fully informed conclusions about U.S. defense and foreign policy without knowing about sources of foreign support of the 9/11 hijackers. I want to read the 28 pages for the very same reason.”  To read the full content of the letter and ask your Congressional Representative to co-sponsor the bill, click here.

Rep. (R-KY) Thomas Massie, one of the original co-sponsors after reading the 28 secret pages described them as “shocking” and said, “I had to stop every couple pages and…try to rearrange my understanding of history.  It challenges you to rethink everything.”

As I mentioned on the radio, as of January 9th, 2016, there were 35 co-sponsors.  Since then, 6 more Congressman has signed on, bringing the total to 41.

What I didn’t mention on air though is something I wrote about last June regarding Rep. (R-KY) Rand Paul’s introduction of S.B. 1471, otherwise known as “Transparency for the Families of 9/11 Act”.

The difference between the 2 pieces of legislation is S.B. 1471 requires the President to release the 28 secret pages, whereas H.R. 14 simply urges the President to do so.

Senators who have read the redacted pages have vehemently pointed to Saudi involvement in 9/11.  After all, 15 out the 19 alleged hijackers hailed from Saudi Arabia.  Strangely though, former President George W. Bush didn’t send any troops or bombs there.  One thing that raised some eyebrows is the fact President Bush was observed holding hands with then Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah in April, 2005 at his personal Texas ranch.

www.gettyimages.com  US President George W. Bush (L) holds hands with Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Abdullah while walking past some blue bonnets at his Crawford ranch 25 April ...

Senator Paul has stated, “We cannot let page after page of blanked-out documents be obscured by a veil.”

“Information revealed over the years does raise questions about [Saudi Arabia’s] support, or whether their support might have been supported to these al Qaeda terrorists,” Paul noted.

“We owe it to these families, and we cannot let this lack of transparency erode trust and make us feel less secure.” Paul added.

Former Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.), who oversaw the Congressional inquiry, and is firm-gripped that there is a Saudi related cover up, said “The 28 pages are very important and will, I think, inform the American people and, in so doing, will cause the American government to reconsider the nature of our relationship with Saudi Arabia,”

“But beyond that, these are emblematic of a pattern of withholding information unnecessarily and to the detriment of the American people.” Graham added.

The section of the inquiry, titled “Finding, Discussion and Narrative Regarding Certain National Security Matters,” is believed to have been withheld by both the Bush and Obama administrations “for fear of alienating an influential military and economic partner rather than for any national security consideration,” the New York Times reported last year.

Rep. (R-NC) Walter Jones and Massachusetts Rep. (D-MA) Stephen Lynch wrote a letter to Obama over a year ago reminding him that on two separate occasions he told family members that he would declassify the pages. “And he hasn’t kept his word,” Jones said to The Daily Beast.

“I don’t know if it might be embarrassing to the Bush administration, how close they were to the Saudi family,” Jones said. “I just don’t know. I can’t put my fingers on it.”

As 28pages.org has stated, Concealing these 28 pages:

A. Prevents the American people from reaching informed judgments about the nation’s foreign and defense policies—past and future.

B. Shields the sponsors of extremism from consequences for their actions—encouraging their continued sponsorship and endangering countless lives at home and abroad.

C. Undermines the ability of 9/11 family members to achieve courtroom justice against governments who aided and abetted the deaths of their loved ones.

This is why it so important you go to 28pages.org today and ask your Congressman and Senators to co-sponsor H.R. 14 and S.B. 1471, demanding President Obama to keep his word.  Now is the time to get involved.  Wake up, resist daily, or become a slave!

This article was originally published at The Daily Resistance.


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